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June 27, 2024: Texas Railroad Maps has been updated for 2024 and is now available! More info HERE.

Apr. 28, 2022: California Railroad Maps is hot off the press! Newly updated for 2022. Now available for $21 plus S&H. Order here.

April 2, 2022: Most products are back in stock and available for purchase online or mail order. Due to material cost increases, prices have gone up about 15%. This is the first increase in our twenty year history, but our costs have been gradually inching up all along. Recent increases, though, have been quite dramatic, and regrettably a price adjustment became necessary.

The Illinois book is currently under review for updates and should be available soon. Watch for announcements of availability both here and on Facebook. Thank you for your continued support! - Dave


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Comments from our fans:

I use many of your maps quite often. Now that I have moved, they are even more useful since I am less familiar with my new area. Love them!
R.C., Idaho

In June we shipped maps to happy railfans in California, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Thank you!

I bought four of your guides for a big tour of the West on Amtrak last month... [They are] super valuable and accurate resources. For routes you haven't published yet, I had to spend a few hours printing a bunch of bulky timetables and maps.... I look forward to your new releases in the future.
G.P., Virginia

Thanks for handling the order... The maps are great.
J.O., Illinois

Really enjoying perusing my most recent purchase. You really do a nice, clear, and concise job of documenting these western lines. You really need to bring out a route guide for the SW Chief. Earlier this month I took a quick turn from Elyria, OH, to Las Vegas, NM. I sure would have liked one of your guides. I used the Bay Area to Chicago for the overlapping portions.
D.T., West Virginia

Just purchased your California map guide at the California State Railroad Museum. Excellent publication! Wow! Thank you!
S.S., California

CSRM is a longtime dealer and has been carrying our line of map books since our first California map came out over 18 years ago.

Thank you for donating the Map books to the TLR convention! I was winner of the Minnesota maps and will be getting some more. Thanks for supporting the NMRA!
K.D., North Dakota

In May we shipped maps to railfans in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Texas, and Washington. Many thanks!

As a long-time railfan, I have become a BIG FAN of your Railfan Guides. They are a valuable resource to all railfans, who want to be able to find the best places to “catch” trains at trackside. I especially appreciate the detail of each map, location of detectors, tunnels, stations, etc. Also, including the radio frequencies for the railroads covered in your maps is worth the price of admission. I have a copy of EVERY ONE of your maps, and recommend them continuously to all my railfan friends.
B.B., Tennesee

In April we shipped maps to happy customers in Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Texas, and Washington. Thank you!

Great job on the maps!
C.S., Wisconsin

I have all of your excellent map books and refer to them frequently. Keep up the good work. Would love to see some books covering east of the Mississippi.
B.K., Maryland

(Currently working on Virginia and West Virginia! - SP)

In March we shipped maps to railfans in British Columbia, California, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. Many thanks!


We thank you for your support to the model railroading hobby [through donations of railroad map books to the convention].
South Red River Valley Division, Thousand Lakes Region NMRA

In February we shipped maps to happy customers in California, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. Thank you!

Received the Iowa Railroad Maps book. What an outstanding reference. So I would like to order another one to give to a friend.
C.B., Iowa

In January we shipped maps to railfans in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Maryland, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. Thank you!

I was just looking at your site to grab a few more of your map items. I have 6 of your products, and they come in very handy when traveling/photographing... Got your package in today's mail. Thanks so much for the super-fast turnaround once you got the order. Much appreciated! I hope you continue to work your way east with these maps - having New York and Pennsylvania in that nice, portable format to throw in the camera bag or car would be great!
G.F., New York

Nice job! Very nice work on my recent purchases. Very informative. Keep working east to Ohio and Pennsylvania!
D.T., West Virginia