Privacy Policy

Sonrisa Publications and have the highest regard for our customers and visitors to this site. We are in the business of providing fine specialty publications such as the Sonrisa line of Railroad Maps. We are not in the business of selling information about our customers.

This site's main purpose is to promote our own products. Consequently, we accept no outside advertising, and reject their means to track your internet browsing.

We use no cookies or other tracking devices on this site. Therefore we collect no information from you that we might need to disclose.

Regarding purchases

However, if you decide to make a purchase, we will collect the necessary personal information to complete the transaction and ship your merchandise to you.

We use PayPal as our payment processor. They collect the information required to perform the transaction and then inform us that payment has been received. We never receive credit card numbers or other financial information about you from them.

For PayPal's privacy policy, please see PayPal Privacy Statement. For information regarding their security policy, please see PayPal: Security for buyers.

We retain your personal contact information, including email address, to satisfy accounting and legal requirements. We may contact you by mail (US addresses only) to announce new products a few times a year. If you prefer not to receive these mailings, please contact us using the link below.

We may use email to communicate with you about your order if necessary. Currently we do not use email for marketing purposes.

At no time will we sell or otherwise provide your personal information, including email addresses, to any third party unless required by law.

January 1, 2020