Caliente Loop, CA

UP Mojave Subdivision

Timetable (Unofficial)

BNSF uses UP track between Kern Jct
and South Mojave
Former Southern Pacific, Santa Fe

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Tracks Mile PostStation/Feature
Track plan 310.8NORTH BAKERSFIELD  
Track Plan 312.9BAKERSFIELD Yard
Track Plan 313.6KERN JCT
Jct BNSF Mojave Sub, SJVR
Track plan 325.0 SANDCUT  
Track plan 326.8Walker Basin Creek crossing  
Track Plan 328.1 BENA
1st Caliente Creek crossing
Track plan 330.02nd Caliente Creek crossing  
Track plan 330.6ILMON  
Track plan 335.4 CALIENTE
3rd Caliente Creek crossing
Track plan 335.91st Tehachapi Creek crossing  
Track plan 336.9Tunnel #1 232 ft
Track plan 337.8Tunnel #2 219 ft
Track Plan 338.0BEALVILLE 13,270 ft
Track plan 340.9Tunnel #3 494 ft
Track plan 341.8CLIFF 8,841 ft
Track plan 345.1ROWEN 8,080 ft
Track plan 347.9WOODFORD 8,960 ft
Track plan 351.0Tunnel #9
Tehachapi Loop
428 ft
Track plan 351.1 WALONG
Tehachapi Loop
Track plan 352.3Tunnel #10
Tehachapi Loop
307 ft
Track Plan 354.2MARCEL  
Track plan 356.4 CABLE  
Track plan 358.5CABLE X-OVER  
Track plan 360.6 TEHACHAPI  
Track plan 364.9Monolith  
Track plan 370.3 CAMERON  
Track plan 380.7 MOJAVE
Jct UP Oak Creek Industrial Lead
Track plan 381.3SOUTH MOJAVE
Jct BNSF Mojave Sub
Track Plan 389.5 ANSEL 8,340 ft
Track plan 399.3OBAN 8,350 ft
Track Plan 404.3N. LANCASTER  
Track Plan 406.1S. LANCASTER  
Track plan 409.2DENIS 8,350 ft
Track plan 414.4PALMDALE JCT
Jct Metrolink
Track Plan 416.5PALMDALE 7,370 ft
Track Plan 428.2VULCAN  
Track Plan 434.3WASH 9,000 ft
Track Plan 450.1PHELAN 9,000 ft
Track Plan 461.9HILAND 9,097 ft
Track Plan 464.7SILVERWOOD
Jct BNSF Cajon Sub
Track Plan 469.3CANYON 9,515 ft
Track Plan 479.0KEENBROOK
Jct BNSF Cajon Sub
Track Plan 480.2DIKE 7,705 ft
Track Plan 489.8BENCH
Jct Metrolink
Track Plan 490.1SLOVER 9,127 ft
Track Plan 492.3RANCHO  

Photos by David J. Cooley