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Train GIF Railyard

TrainGIF Railyard

Train GIF Railyard

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Updated Dec. 7, 2008

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Load Empty Series Type In use Updated
ATTX 95003-95143 Flat ? 4/30/04
ettx852328_csx.gif, 133x27px

ettx852xxx_up.gif, 133x27px
ETTX 851998-854320 Auto rack ?-1998-? 8/25/2005
FURX 960260-960499 GT Coal gondola: 4,358 cuft ?-2008-? 12/7/08
ITLX 54018-54076 Bulkhead flat: logs ? 9/16/02
Halliburton Covered hopper:
Well cement
1960's - 2006? 4/13/06
GROX 60698 Covered hopper ? 5/25/04
NCIX 912-1761 4-bay: plastics ? 9/16/02
NRLX 500000-500059 Wood chip gondola ? 4/13/04
TTZX 86275-87846
TTZX 855000-864849
Center beam ? 8/15/02
APHX 2100 Tank ? 7/1/02
CRGX 6500 Cargill Tank: Corn syrup ? 7/1/02
GRYX 799 W.R. Grace Co. Tank: Chemicals, solvents
Now at Arizona Railway Museum
1938-? 9/6/03
TILX 301726 Tank ? 7/1/02

    CEBX 800 Special duty 880-ton flat manufactured by Krupp: "largest freight car ever built" 1982-2005-? 3/29/05

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